About Carrie Sanders McKeehan


Carrie is a Louisville native, mother, and teacher, passionate about making Louisville and Kentucky a better place to work, live, and play.


As a special education teacher with Jefferson County Public Schools, Carrie knows the power of education to change lives and help every person reach their version of the American dream. These experiences led her to serve as an Associate Principal for a local private school, where she helped drive student success.


Carrie is an active member of her community and is involved in her church and multiple non profit organizations that help the most vulnerable in our community. Prior to becoming an educator, Carrie received on the job training in social work providing social services while working for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and gained the knowledge and tools to help those less fortunate and in need. 


As your state representative, Carrie will work to be a problem solver to improve our community for our children and grandchildren to make our community safer, our economy stronger, and our schools better.



Message from Carrie


“We have more in common than what the pundits and the media portray. I am not running to represent a political party, or ideology, or any special interest, my only interest is you!” 

– Carrie Sanders McKeehan - Candidate 41st District 


“We are at our best when we serve others.”


I am running to represent you and your family in Frankfort. Working together we can make our district a better place. For the past several months I have been walking our neighborhoods, meeting with people like you, and listening to your concerns. What I am told, time after time, is that we all want more economic opportunity, better schools, and safer neighborhoods


Once elected, I will serve in the majority in Frankfort. That means that, unlike our current Representative, our community will actually have a voice in Frankfort for our district’s needs. With that voice, I can get things done for our district including much needed funding for roads, infrastructure and community projects.  


Constituent services will be my top priority. It is going to take the input of all citizens in our district to be successful. I am urging you to express your concerns and communicate with me on issues important to you. My office will serve as a caseworker for you and your family, and help you navigate the many state agencies. My goal is to make state government more accessible to you. 

Carrie Sanders McKeehan
2022 Republican Candidate for KY House Representative, District 41