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The 38th District needs a strong voice in Frankfort. 


With Carrie as State Representative, Louisville will have a seat at the table. 

I am fighting for...

A Strong Voice in Frankfort

As your state representative, I will be able to work with house leadership to secure the resources that our community needs. Southwest Jefferson County deserves better and that’s why I am committed to being an effective legislator. Under my leadership, we will no longer be neglected.

Economic Growth

Jobs are at the center of Louisville’s population decline. Our citizens deserve to have quality careers that empower them to be happy and successful. As your next state representative, I will work in Frankfort to create public policy solutions that empower entrepreneurs and workers to have better options. Additionally, I will partner with industry to encourage investment within the South End. Together, we can make our community a place where families want to live and work! Lastly, I will support tax policy which empowers taxpayers to invest within their own communities unlike my opponent who voted against efforts to lower Kentucky’s income tax rates. 


Public Safety

Our children should be able to feel safe as they walk through our parks and neighborhoods. In 2022, Louisville saw higher rates of homicide when compared to major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, and Jacksonville. That is unacceptable.  It is time that, through partnerships of nonprofits, law enforcement, and community leaders, solve the scourge of violent crime, theft, and addiction. 


As your state representative, I will make public safety my top priority. I will encourage the general assembly to invest in the South End and will support criminal justice reforms which strengthen our resolve against crime while instituting fairness. Further, I will partner with law enforcement to ensure that they have the support that they need to keep our families safe.



My experience as an educator has empowered me to be an advocate for better education. Despite having high graduation levels, many students within our local schools are failing to meet reading and math standards.


As your next state representative, I will work with local stakeholders to create better outcomes for our children. Additionally, our local schools are unable to retain and recruit teachers. That means keeping promises in relation to retirement accounts and advocating for additional investment from the general assembly to incentivize teaching staff to work within our local schools and ensure student success.



Whether it be the airport, the many highways that wind through Jefferson County, or neighborhood streets, our infrastructure is the backbone of our society. Without it, we would be unable to drive to work, stock our grocery stores, or transport industrial projects.


Unfortunately, our country and state are experiencing disturbing trends in relation to infrastructure. Many bridges and roads built during the middle of the twentieth century are degrading at an alarming rate. That’s why I am committed to working with the general assembly to ensure significant infrastructure investments are made within the 38th district. With well maintained roads, we will be able to keep our community safe and prosperous. Additionally, I will demand that we take action to mitigate harmful noise pollution being created by our transportation corridors.


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