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For 5 years, District 41 has lacked the leadership necessary to get things done for our people. Carrie is running to be your next state representative to be your voice in Frankfort. With Carrie as state representative, Louisville will have a seat at the table when important decisions about our future. 

I am fighting for...

Safer Communities
  • With Louisville having outpaced Chicago and New York City in homicides per capita last year, Carrie knows that crime is out of control in Louisville. As your state representative, Carrie will fully fund and support our police and other first responders.

  • Carrie will also make sure that Louisville has the funding it needs to build new roads, bridges, and sidewalks – and funds to repair our older ones.

  • Carrie knows that the small businesses in the 41st district are the backbone of the economy. As your state representative, Carrie will defend the interests of our small businesses in Frankfort.

  • Carrie supports a fair tax code that will keep more money in your pocket.

  • Carrie also wants to create business incentives for new start ups and innovators.  

  • As an educator and a mother, Carrie understands the importance of making sure students are college and/or career ready upon graduation.

  • Carrie values parental input in school decisions and supports policies that give stakeholders more of a voice in the decision making process, especially parents.

  • Carrie supports fully funding teacher pensions and hiring incentives for new teachers and awards for teachers who have been employed for a long time.

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